Best Friends Helping Friends


The Best Friends Campaign is a fundraising campaign to create mental health awareness through friendship! We've put a together a bundle to bring people together to break bread over a home cooked meal and great conversation. Spark a conversation and check in with your buddies over a delicious home cooked meal


We are asking our fellow brothers and sister across Canada to buy one of our Premium Sea Salt packages. This includes a 4-pack Premium Box of Sea Salts from around the world, and your choice of 2 t-shirts. Once you receive the package you invite a friend to make a great meal all while enjoying authentic conversation.


These are very interesting times we are living in. We need friendship and human connection more than ever. We are hoping to instigate honest dialogue among friends about our mental health. All while the funds raised will help specific projects in the Prince Edward Island community

Who is putting the campaign on?

Islanders Helping Islanders is managing the campaign in partnership with Salts of the Earth

Where will the funds be going?

All funds will be going to Islander Helping Islanders, and will stay here on Prince Edward Island for programming around mental health and addiction. Currently there are a couple of projects we are working towards. Please head to for all the details

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