About Salt of the Earth

Salts of the Earth is an organisation focused on bringing change to the Atlantic Canadian Island community of Prince Edward Island. Founded in the summer of 2015, it was originally procuring premium salts from around the world to package and resell as a fundraising tool for charities and non-profits. Same mission in place, but now it has evolved to selling a variety of products that they either create and procure from the local Alantic market.

As we enter into a new world, post-pandemic, local businesses and community groups are more important than ever. Our goal is to create and source amazing local products to sell via our online store through various social media channels and campaigns. We believe if we give you, the end consumer, awesome locally sourced competitively priced products that we believe in, you will support us on this journey and know where 100% of your money is going. And while you follow our growth we hope you will continue to purchase our products and support us on this journey to help our community. 

Thank you in advance for your support! 

Keep Smiln’

Our Founder & Visionary

Salts of the Earth was founded by visionary entrepreneur and salt guy, Darren C. Blanchard. He is the 16-time award-winning C.E.O. of Canadian Tech. startup, NIMtech, as well as the current founder of and owner of The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company. He founded Salts of the Earth as the sister company to The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company to build a company that would be focused on giving back to the Island community inwhich he lives. He was interviewed for the business section of the local news paper, The Guardien, for his vision to change the world where he was quoted in saying that he want to become a new age millionaire, and change a million lives. Salts of the Earth is the vehicle to make this vision a reality, and he is the perfect leader to be a the wheel. Darren Blanchard on SaltWire

The Team:

The team is composed of local outsourced contractors and businesses that help with social media marketing and operations. As well as key partnerships with local groups and organizations like Stars for Life and Islanders Helping Islanders. Our goal is to grow our team with good people who believe in our vision and feel the need to be the change in our community.

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