About Salts of the Earth

Salts of the Earth is a social enterprise and sister company to Islanders Helping Islanders non-profit. Founded in the summer of 2015, S.O.T.E. has evolved into an online store selling a variety of products that they either create and procure from the local Prince Edward Island market.

As we enter into a post-pandemic world, local businesses and community groups are more important than ever. Our goal at S.O.T.E. is to create and source amazing local products to sell via our online store through variety social media channels and campaigns. We believe that conscious consumers who are given great locally sourced and competitively priced products, will support us on this journey knowing they make our difference.

We are also engaging in a few other projects in Partnership with iHi that will be project programming with hopes they may turn into businesses.       

- Shipping Container Tiny Home / AirBnb Community                                        

- Smoked Meat Sandwich Food Trailer.                                                               

- Airbnb Experiences Partnership w/PEI Sea Salt, Banjo Oyster Knives,& iHi                                                                                                                    

- In-ground Greenhouse and Mini Farm (chickens(eggs & meat), goats, rabbits, ducks, lamb)


Thank you in advance for your support! 

Keep Smiln’

Our Founder & Visionary... and our Why?

Salts of the Earth was founded by visionary entrepreneur and salt guy, Darren C. Blanchard. 16-x award-winning C.E.O. of Canadian Tech. startup, NIMtech and founder of The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company. Having battled mental and emotional health issues in his past, Darren understands how important support and programming can be for those in the fight. After losing a friend and bright light in our Islander community, as well as a few friends over the pandemic from suicide, Darren made it his mission to work towards changing 1 million lives and S.O.T.E. is the vehicle to make it happen. He has always had a passion for helping others and has been involved in a variety of charity and nonprofit work throughout his career. Now he is making direct impact in the lives within his community. 

A long heart felt video about the journey to our Why?  
Video of Darren detailing plans for the property and flushing out
Best Friends Campaign idea. July 2020


Key partnerships with local groups and organizations like Stars for Life and Islanders Helping Islanders bring things all together. Our goal is to grow our team with good people who believe in our vision and feel the need to be the change in our community.