About Salts of the Earth

Salts of the Earth is a socially conscious enterprise that operates in conjunction with the non-profit Islanders Helping Islanders. Established in the summer of 2015, S.O.T.E. has grown into an online store that offers a range of products sourced and created from the local Prince Edward Island market.

In light of the post-pandemic world, community groups and local businesses have become more important than ever. Our mission at S.O.T.E. is to provide exceptional locally sourced products through our online store, as well as various social media channels and campaigns. We firmly believe that by offering competitively priced, high-quality goods, we can garner the support of conscientious consumers who value the difference they can make.

Additionally, we are working on several projects in collaboration with iHi that we hope will evolve into thriving businesses. These include:

  • Running an Airbnb 
  • Airbnb Experiences Partnership with PEI Sea Salt & iHi
  • Shipping Container Tiny Homes 
  • An in-ground greenhouse and mini farm featuring chickens (eggs and meat), goats, rabbits, ducks, and lamb
  • Building clothing Brand around mental health and strength in individuality 

Thank you for your support, and Keep Smilin'!

Our Founder & Visionary... and our Why?

Meet Darren C. Blanchard, the visionary entrepreneur and salt aficionado behind Salts of the Earth. With 16 awards under his belt as the past CEO of Canadian tech startup NIMtech, as well as the founder of The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company, Darren is no stranger to the hard work of building a business.

But his journey to Salts of the Earth wasn't always smooth sailing. Battling with mental and emotional health issues in his past, Darren knows first hand how important support and programming can be for those in the fight. After losing a friend and bright light in the Islander community, as well as several others over the pandemic to suicide, Darren was inspired to make a change. His mission is to change one million lives, and he's going to make it happen with Salts of the Earth.

Darren's passion for helping others has been a driving force throughout his career. He's been involved in a variety of charity and nonprofit work, but now he's making a direct impact in the lives of those in his community. With Salts of the Earth, Darren is taking his commitment to the next level, using his entrepreneurial skills to create a vehicle for change. Through his leadership and the power of his mission, Darren is making a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

A long heart felt video about the journey to our Why?  


Key partnerships with local groups and organizations like Stars for Life and Islanders Helping Islanders bring things all together. Our goal is to grow our team with good people who believe in our vision and feel the need to be the change in our community.