The Best Friends Campaign

Introducing The Best Friends Campaign - a crowdfunding-style capital campaign that brings a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for all those who participate.  What is it? The Best Friends Campaign is the inaugural capital campaign for Islanders Helping Islanders, a Prince Edward Island non-profit focused on mental health content, programming, and support. It's a great opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, coworker, relative, or anyone within your social circle who is going through a rough patch. We are looking to instigate an authentic conversation over a home-cooked meal between two caring people. Why partake? Well.. the last few years have hammered even the strongest of souls. Health supports systems are broken and people don't have access to basic services that can prevent deeper issues. So we need to come together to support each other. And this campaign investigates that gathering with a great excuse to break bread and break the silence with an authentic conversation.  How to partake in the Best Friends Campaign? Purchase one of our Best Friends Kits. This contains a Salts of the Earth 4pack of 4 premium organic sea salts procured from around the world and packaged in custom boutique reusable glass grinders. Once you receive the Best Friends Campaign box, you will invite a special friend/companion/relative who's in funk and needs an ear, to come over and create one of the 8 awesome culinary creations that come with the BFC Kit. WIN 1. Your support of our campaign will create awareness for mental health in your community and our WIN 2. Your support of the BFC will generate the funds necessary to create much-needed mental health support and programming in our community.  WIN 3. And best of all, you share a beautiful moment with a good companion creating a culinary delight and having a truly authentic conversation, reconnecting and checking in on how you are both doing. WIN 4. With every BFC Kit purchase, you have a chance to win a 1 year supply of premium hand-crafted finishing sea salts from The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company worth over $800 in value.   By taking part in The Best Friends Campaign, you're not just helping a friend with a heartfelt conversation,  and bringing positive change in your community - you're also supporting a worthy cause that will make a real difference in the lives of those around you. Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to see the impact that we are going to make together!  

40% of sales go to support islanders helping islanders foundation