The Authentic Misfits club. Where Men Support Men. This is a place for men that feel like they don't fit in. A place for Men who are true to themselves no matter the cost. 3 out of 4 suicides are men, and most of those are senior men. It's time we begin to support our brothers. This club is just that. A place to find support, laugh, cry, educate and see how others get through the mud.

Our goal is to bring great content, support, and programming to Authentic Misfits within our online, and local communities. 40% of all product sales on the Salts of the Earth website go to local Island non-profit iHi, for programming and support right here in our community. 

Do you have the balls to join the club? ;) 

100% of the profit generated from all our sales go to specific programming for men's mental health here in our community. 

Thank you for your support!!